Gena Hymowech

A writer, editor, proofreader and social media expert hired by top brands

I've written for companies such as Yahoo, AOL, Here! TV, Time Out New York, Dr. Pepper, Conde Nast, Time Warner, Modern Spin Media and Lambda Literary, to name but a few.  I've copy edited a major diet book. I've also proofread for a book trade magazine (Romantic Times), an up-and-coming young adult author (Lilith Cost), a lesbian magazine (GO), and a legal firm (Diamond Reporting). And I've held editorial positions at two publications -- Pride Parenting and GO Magazine.

On the social media front, I am an assistant for one of the top names in mindfulness and nutrition. I have increased her followers and likes, and gotten her noticed by influencers. My own tweets have been quoted in articles and some have even gone viral. I've been on Twitter since 2008, so I know it well. I even created a blog on increasing business with Twitter. 

Check out my writing samples here. lf you like what you see, contact me using the link below or at

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